The UZO Story

How It All Started

The genesis of the UZO Umbrella started in Houston, TX in 2006 when engineer and designer Ronald Obmaces decided that umbrellas were an under-rated source of fashion. His vision was to create an umbrella that would truly protect its carrier from the elements without leaving any part of the body exposed. The result was an offset and streamline umbrella that could be comfortably carried and could also make a statement in more ways than one. The UZO umbrella is a unique accessory infused with artistic style that lends exclusivity and luxury to a product previously used only for its function.

The company owns 24 patents worldwide and strives to remain on the cutting edge of design and engineering, and reveal the artistic perspective on fashion and functionality.

Keeping their filipino heritage in mind when coming up with ideas for the brand name the owners of UZO thought of words in the language of Tagalog. Uso in Tagalog means, “in style, in vogue.” U.S.O. wouldn’t work due to wording conflicts, so they changed the “s” into a “z” and made “U.Z.O.” They took one look at the word UZO and fell in love!