the UZO

A Timeless Fashion Icon

the UZO Umbrella is a creation of a timeless fashion icon combined with a new artistic perspective. It was designed to keep the classic styling and sensual feel of an original umbrella while providing a new advanced coverage area. The UZO umbrella contains a unique asymmetrical configuration that enables the user to hold the umbrella naturally to one’s side and still be located in the center of the canopy for complete protection from the elements.

Additionally, the asymmetrical frame consists of fiberglass reinforcements for rigid strength and flexibility to prevent any breakage in inclement weather. The UZO umbrella uses the finest materials and craftsmanship from different areas of the world. Each distinctive handle of an UZO umbrella is steam bent from elegant Italian cherry wood. The silky textured polyester fabric with a durable acrylic coating is from Turkey. These luxurious materials are then united with the masterfully constructed frames from the experts of umbrella making in Eastern China, where the first umbrella originated.